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Leaving-THETA [official music video]

This music video we produced for THETA is a 2D animation built with paper and glass. We are all for using the material we already have in order to not make anymore waste.
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Remember is a short poem written for World Mental Health Day. It is paired with Live Action Stop Motion and plays on fluid movement.

A first date

This was the first ever 3D stop motion that Paper-Thick experimented with. We have released this on the 14th Feburary as a little valentines day treat.



Singular is a spoken word poem about how we treat each other, which is animated in a 2D, stop motion animation style, using an iPad.

Natasha Hale is the creator of this production and has credits of writer, designer, creator, director, editor and voice-over artist. She also gives a massive thank you to Phillip Wood who helped to realise the start of Paper-Thick and Singular.

(Click on each image to see full sized pages of the storyboard.)

(Camera set-up)

(Storyboard writing)