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I'm Natasha, a North-West based actor and creator. I am a graduate of The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) and am currently looking for representation.

Most recently, I have been preparing for a Christmas production of The Polar Express in Yorkshire and before Covid,
 finished performing at Hope Street Theatre with Falling Doors in a brand new dark dystopian comedy called 'There's a dead body in my baby's sandpit'. I have also finished filming 2 short films, both of which are being sent to film festivals around the UK. 

Having mainly been involved in new theatre, I have worked with SlungLow in immersive theatre and Storyhouse's open air theatre (previously Grovsner Park open air theatre) for three years, devising new and socially relevant shows.

I also love to create my own work, including a stop motion animation company (posted below), where I take some time to do something fun and creative, building on my skills in design, story writing, voice-over, camera operating and everything else stop motion involves.


Show-reel and media


Click here, for my voice republic account


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I also home record some short stories! Here are 2 of my favourites!


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